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USF Revenue Metering Training – March 29, 2023 (REMOTE)

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*** This is the remote (online) offering of this course. There is a second option in May if you prefer to attend in person***

This 1-day online introductory course is intended for line design staff that have been in their role for up to five years. The purpose of this course is to give the new designer a quick overview of metering, so they are better able to interact with electrical contractors, customers and metering staff.

The content of the course session is primarily theoretical, i.e. what are PT’s and CT’s, when and where to use each, basic types of meters and meter bases.

Other topics to be considered for this course include, but are not limited to:
– CM/TX rated vs. Self-contained
– A-Base Vs S-Base
– Various meter forms (ie: 2S, 3S, 12S)
– Measurement Canada requirements & drawings
– Theory & Measurement Canada drawings/phasors for the following:
– 2EL, 3ph, 3w, Delta
– 3EL, 3ph, 4w, WYE
–  2EL, 3ph, 3w, Network
– 2.5EL, 3ph, 4w, WYE
– 2EL, Delta @ the block, 4w, WYE
– 1.5EL, 1ph, 3wire
– Blondel’s Theorem and why 2.5EL and 2EL Delta @ the block are no longer approved installations
– Billing rate classes and the types of metering used for each (ie: res, gen <50kW, gen >50kW)
– Billing multipliers


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We're sorry this event is now full. Please check our training page for other available training sessions. You may also contact Marissa Hishon at mhishon@utilitiesstandardsforum.ca or 519-994-3534 for further information.

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