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USF Overhead Design Training – November 6-7, 2023 (IN PERSON) – Non-Member Registration

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Holiday Inn Southwest Vaughan6100 Hwy 7, Vaughan, ON L4H 0R2 Map


*** This is the in person offering of this course.***

This is a 2-day course intended for newer Engineering Techs, concentrating on overhead design.


 The Distribution System
o Electrical Fundamentals – nature and behavior of electricity as it applies to a power / distribution system
o Layout, equipment, operational considerations
 Components
o Primary Conductors
o Secondary Conductors
o Framing
o Line Layout
o Pole Selection
 Regulation 22/04 and Safety Considerations
o CSA Separations, Clearances – various conditions, vegetation, spacings
o Grounding
o Bonding
o Insulating
o CSA Storm Loading Categories, Storm Loading Map, Safety FactorsDesign
 Considerations
o Regulations – water sources, crown land, navigable water, railway
o Locates
o Easements
o Determining Pole Height
o Pole Line Grading
o Physical pole location, determining height, line grading, soil conditions
o Pole top extensions – services, primaries
o Future Proofing the Pole
o Joint Use Agreements, Third Party Attachments, Make Ready – municipal attachments
 Structural Design
o Mechanical fundamentals
 Vertical loads, span angle calculation, transverse load on a surface, on structures
 USF Section 5 – Pole Strength
o Framing
o Line Layout
 Spotting / staking
o Pole Selection
 Material, length, strength
 Guy and Anchor
 Elements of a Guying System

Dead End Guying Calculation
 Guying Triangle
 Max Guy Lead, Force on Guy Wire
 Selection of anchors, guidelines, types, soil types and anchor choices
 Examples
 Chart methond, spreadsheet method
 Unguyed poles
 Guyed poles
 Pole buckling
 Line taps
 Stress in pole from bending
 Stress in pole with guyed tap
 Long span with side guyed poles
 Complex crossing poles
 Pole class selection
 Ruling span
o Strain, catenary constant C, sage, slack
 Connectors
 Grounding
 Analysis
o Linear, Non-Linear
o Initial load assessments
o Fibre Stresses
o Stability Analysis
o Sags and Tensions exercise
o Pole Design Examples


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