Utilities Standards Forum

USF Training Terms and Conditions

  1. A Registrant may register for others who will attend a Course (i.e. a Participant).  
  2. All Courses are offered remotely via internet video conference. A Registrant/Participant must have an internet connection which is strong enough  to participate by video (camera on) as much as possible, in order to assist the instructor with discussions and assess a Participant’s level of understanding.
  3. If the Registrant or Participant is unable to attend the Course, a replacement may be sent in the place of the Registrant or Participant by notifying USF.
  4. Courses may not be recorded.
  5. Course start and end times, and a corresponding meeting request, will be emailed out to all Registrants/Participants at least 3 weeks ahead of the Course.
  6. Course material will be emailed in PDF format for the Registrant to prepare, on their own, prior to the Course.
  7. By agreeing to these terms and conditions and completing this registration, the Registrant agrees, on their behalf and on behalf of all Participants registered by the Registrant, that: all Course material is confidential and is the property of USF; the Course material may be used by the Registrant or Participant only for the purposes of the Course and for no other purpose; the Registrant or Participant agrees not to disclose the Course material to others without the prior written permission of USF.

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